Page updated: 3rd January, 2014

Welcome to the main Soft Rock Software website. The primary focus of this website is, naturally, to advertise and promote the company's commercial products and services, but the site also serves as a home to a small number of free resources.

If you have a query regarding something on this site or the products, or if you have a suggestion to make, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

A reply cannot be guaranteed, but all correspondence will be read.

Please note: This is a newly redesigned version of the Soft Rock Software website, put together in something of a rush (after abandoning a redesign that was started several years ago and never finish).

As such, there are certain to be errors and ommissions on the site that will be rectified in due course but, while this progresses, please be patient as the 'updated' dates on pages change with no obvious changes to the content.

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News & Features
Updated 3rd January, 2014
The latest news regarding Soft Rock Software, its products and sites.
Updated 3rd January, 2014
Details of what's available from Soft Rock Software, including some items available for download free of charge.
Updated 3rd January, 2014
Details of the services provided by Soft Rock Software.
Updated 3rd January, 2014
Various free resources, including a Javascript based ROT13 decoder.
Updated 3rd January, 2014
A little background information on the business and its proprietor.
Updated 3rd January, 2014
How to get in touch.
The next RISC OS show in the UK!