Soft Rock Software's news and features are presently to be found at posts.softrock.co.uk. At some point in the future, the content of that site will be migrated from the CMS system used there and integrated into the main website, with the content split between this and the news section as appropriate.

For the moment, however, here are the feature items posted there to date:

Happy 25th, Soft Rock Software - part 2
Posted 30th June, 2014
Happy 25th, Soft Rock Software - part 1
Posted 20th March, 2014
It's been a while!
Posted 3rd January, 2014
Soft Rock Software's 21st Birthday
Posted 6th March, 2010
Your suppliers (and staff) need to know what you are paying
Posted 17th December, 2009
Quicksand: Diary of a RISC OS game
Posted 15th December, 2009
Obtaining a Work in Progress figure from Sage Job Costings
Posted 24th November, 2009