Soft Rock Software has a number of products available, most of which is software, but there is currently also one piece of hardware.

Almost all of the software products are for RISC OS computers - while some development work has been carried out on software for PCs running Microsoft Windows, this has generally been done on behalf of clients and, therefore, it is not software that can made generally available at the present time.

Please note that the copyright in all products lies with Vince M. Hudd/Soft Rock Software: Even in the case of software where it may currently be available to download free of charge, none of it is 'freeware' or 'public domain'.

Please therefore do not distribute anything without prior permission and, instead, refer people to this website to obtain the most up to date versions.


3d-printed cases for the Raspberry Pi, designed with a RISC OS flavour!

RISC OS Software

Applications that run in a window on the RISC OS desktop.

Programs that are invoked from the RISC OS command line.

RISC OS software to provide a welcome distraction from more mundane matters!

Miscellaneous tools etc. for RISC OS that don't quite fit the other categories.

Windows software

Software for computers running Microsoft Windows.