Games and related software for RISC OS

The software below consists mainly of games for use on computers running RISC OS. If you are running a Linux, Windows or MacOS computer, they should also work in the emulated environments provided by RPCEmu or VirtualRiscPC.

Not all of the software is currently available for download, but it will gradually become available in time.

Platform and maze games

Escape from the mines of Exeria, by collecting all the objects to open the way through each of the forty levels.

Navigate the six labyrinths, collecting all the shields and avoiding the Guardians!

Collect all the scrolls in each of the forty screens order to find your way to the end of this Repton-style game.

Forty screens of madness in which you must collect all the ice creams, apple cores and builders' hard hats!

Puzzle and tile games

Race against the clock in this simple puzzle game to match coloured tiles and build up a high score.

Interactive fiction/adventure games

A free adventure game for RISC OS computers, in which you take on the role of Stan Tylor, looking like a 1970s throwback.

An adventure game in which you find yourself trapped inside the Sacred Pyramid, and must find a way to escape.

An adventure game in which you are a new crewman on the pirate ship 'The Stormy Sea' and you have been set ashore to find the legendary Purple Crystal of the Heavens.

Games utilities

A system to simplify the development of interactive fiction (adventure games) for RISC OS computers