Guardians of the Labyrinth for RISC OS

About Guardians of the Labyrinth

Guardians of the Labyrinth is a game for RISC OS computers, originally written around 1991 and sold as a budget title for £3.49.

In this game, you must find your way out of the six Labyrinths, avoiding the Guardians, collecting shields to open doors, and snacking on a bit of fruit here and there to tide you over until you can get to the local chip shop for something more substantial!


You are in a labyrinth like cave system, when you hear a rumbling sound. What can it be? Is it a cave in, or a rock fall?

No, that only happens in Drop Rock!

You soon realise that what you're hearing is your own stomach! You're hungry - positively starving in fact!

There's only one thing for it - you need to get to the local chip shop to buy an extra large cod lot!

The only problem with getting to the chip shop is that you're not sure of the way out of the Labyrinth (there's always some kind of catch, isn't there?)


To be confirmed.


This game is not currently available for download, but will be in time. Please be patient.