Soft Rock Software's news and features are presently to be found at At some point in the future, the content of that site will be migrated from the CMS system used there and integrated into the main website, with the content split between this and the features section as appropriate.

For the moment, however, here are the news items posted there to date:

The Soft Rock Software Collection - launching at the London Show
Posted 23rd October, 2017
RISC OS London Show, 2015
Posted 22nd October, 2015
Midlands Summer Show and Recurson Science Fair, 2015
Posted 1st July, 2015
RISC OS Wakefield Show, 2015
Posted 21st April, 2015
RISC OS Southwest Show, 2015
Posted 18th February, 2015
RISC OS London Show, 2014
Posted 18th October, 2014
Introducing the RiscPiC
Posted 27th August, 2014
Midlands Midsummer Mugshow, 2014
Posted 9th July, 2014
Happy 25th, Soft Rock Software - part 2
Posted 30th June, 2014
Wakefield Acorn and RISC OS Computer Show, 2014
Posted 21st April, 2014
Happy 25th, Soft Rock Software - part 1
Posted 20th March, 2014
RISC OS South West Show, 2014
Posted 25th February, 2014
Midlands Midsummer Mugshow 2012
Posted 6th July, 2012
Beagleboard / ARMini compatibility
Posted 8th June, 2011
Soft Rock Software at Wakefield 2011
Posted 10th March, 2011
RISC OS London Show
Posted 19th September, 2011
32bit WebChange for RISC OS Now Available
Posted 29th June, 2010
Midlands Midsummer Mugshow 2010
Posted 2nd June, 2010
WebChange and WebChange pro
Posted 20th April, 2010
Soft Rock Software's 21st Birthday
Posted 6th March, 2010
Wakefield RISC OS Show, 2010
Posted 25th February, 2010
Temporary problem with domain and mailing lists
Posted 26th January, 2010
Posted 10th November, 2009