Floopy for RISC OS

About Floopy

Floopy is a forty screen game for RISC OS from the early 1990s and originally sold as a budget title for £3.49, in which you play the part of Floopy, guiding him around each screen in turn, collecting apples, ice creams and hard hats, while avoiding various beasties intent on bringing you down!


"Here I go again," said Floppy, Floopy's twin brother.

"What?" asked Floopy, "Are you talking about that song by WhiteSnake?"

"No," replied Floppy, "I've got another forty of those mad, bad, and lots of other things that end with ad places with things to collect."

He then fell down a manhole and called out "Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh..." (It was a very deep manhole!)

Roughly translated, that particular extended version of "Aargh" means "I won't be able to do it after all, so can you have a go instead?"


To be confirmed.


This game is not currently available for download, but will be in time. Please be patient.