The Sacred Pyramid for RISC OS

About The Sacred Pyramid

The Sacred Pyramid, which has also been known under a number of similar titles including Escape from the Sacred Pyramid and The Sacred Pyramid of Doom, is a text adventure game that was originally written in BBC BASIC on a BBC Micro. It was subsequently rewritten using The Adventure Creator on an Acorn Electron, then found its way back to the BBC again, with graphics added using The Graphic Adventure Creator.

The game was then rewritten from scratch for RISC OS computers using Trellis: The Adventure Interpreter, and supplied with it as a demo of its capabilities.

In the game, you take on the role of an archaeologist who has found his way into the Pyramid and become trapped inside - and you must therefore find a way to escape.


To be confirmed.


This game is not currently available for download, but will be in time. Please be patient.