Trellis: The Adventure Interpreter for RISC OS

About Trellis: The Adventure Interpreter

Trellis is a piece of software for the RISC OS platform designed to simplify the process of creating text adventure games (interactive fiction). It does this by providing a simple framework into which you put the key components of the game.

That framework takes the form of files defining the locations a player can visit, the words (commands) that can be entered, the objects found in the game, and central to all this, a script file - the 'program' which Trellis interprets.


Recent versions of Trellis should be compatible with all recent versions of RISC OS and all hardware. Older versions of Trellis should be similarly compatible provided they are used the latest version of the SRSLibrary relocatable module.


Recent versions of Trellis are unavailable. Whether a new version will be made available again in the future is undecided.

Requirements & dependencies

Trellis requires the SRSLibrary relocatable module.