Drop Rock for RISC OS

About Drop Rock

Drop Rock is a game for RISC OS computers that was originally written around 1992 and sold as a budget title for £3.49. It was rewritten in 1994 to make it compatible with the Acorn RiscPC, and to add improved graphics.

Your goal is to work your way through the forty screens, taking care not to let rocks fall on your head, and collecting scrolls as you go


Scrolls. They get thrown around everywhere. In the caves; in the snowy mountains; in the warehouses; everywhere. Someone needs to collect them all.

Don't want a job, do you? Chief Scroll Collector for the newly formed Scroll Collecting Company? It pays well, and you get a special allowance for headache tablets - which you'll need if any rocks drop on your head.

You'll take it?

Oh, thats fantastic! What? Um, no, we don't supply any protective helmets. Budget cuts and all that. I'm sure you understand...


To be confirmed.


This game is not currently available for download, but will be in time. Please be patient.