Escape from Exeria for RISC OS

About Escape from Exeria

Escape from Exeria is a game for RISC OS computers, originally written around 1990 and sold as a budget title for £3.49. It was rewritten a few years later to make it compatible with the Acorn RiscPC, and to add improved graphics.

In the game, you must navigate each of the forty screens collecting items and avoiding the Guardians, who want to stop you from getting away.


There's an old Exerian proverb:

"Zxta'tch df'rtg gt-yqi, Zxta'tch'tch df'pta na-grl!"

No one knows what it means, but everyone agrees that:

  • It sounds more like Klingon, and
  • It's probably quite profound.

Exactly what this has to do with you, I can't say. What I can say, however, is that you have been held captive in the Exerian Prison Caves for commiting a very serious crime. A very serious crime indeed:

You wore brown shoes with blue trousers!

Your cries of innocence have gone unheard, so as a last ditch attempt at freedom, you have decided to try to escape!


To be confirmed.


This game is not currently available for download, but will be in time. Please be patient.