RiscPiC® cases for the Raspberry Pi

About the cases

RiscPiC® cases are designed for the Raspberry Pi with RISC OS and its users in mind, and as a tribute to the most powerful computer system Acorn ever released - the iconic RiscPC.

The range currently consists of two different designs - the standard RiscPiC, and the RiscPiC-mini - both of which feature a RiscPC-style curved section on the front - though, unlike on the 'real thing' this doesn't open in any way; it's purely decorative.

The standard RiscPiC is designed to allow most of the connections found on the left and right hand sides of the Raspberry Pi to be fed out of the rear of the case if you have suitable adapters (HDMI and headphone adapters are included), just as most connections on a 'normal' computer can be found on the rear of the case. The standard RiscPiC is wide enough to allow this, at approximately 12cm x 10cm x 3cm.

The RiscPiC-mini is a smaller case, designed so that all of the connections on the Raspberry Pi are directly accessible on the relevant side, making it only a touch wider that the Raspberry Pi itself. This case is approximately 6cm x 10cm x 3cm.

The cases are professionally 3d-printed in Polyamide, using selective laser sintering.

Current status

The design of neither of the two cases is as yet finished, with both being at different levels:

The standard RiscPiC design is still at a point where the top and bottom do not fit together correctly, and test prints are underway to try to isolate the cause of the problem and address it.

The RiscPiC-mini design is also not finalised, due to the case developing a noticeable warp when a Raspberry Pi model B+ (or version 2 model B) is inserted. However, a batch has been produced and are being sold (for the original models A and B only) at mainland UK RISC OS events. The problem will be investigated once this batch is gone.


Both cases in the RiscPiC range will be compatible with the Raspberry Pi (and version 2) models A, B and B+ - although, as noted above, the current version of the RiscPiC-mini case is only compatible with the original Raspberry Pi models A and B.

Availability & pricing

Once ready, both cases will be available to purchase at some RISC OS shows and events in mainland UK. The standard RiscPiC will be priced at no more than 50 including VAT, and the RiscPiC-mini will be priced at no more than 30 including VAT.

While stocks last, it is possible to purchase one of the initial batch of RiscPiC-mini cases (for the original Raspberry Pi models A and B) at some RISC OS shows and events for 27 including VAT.

Online purchasing methods have not been considered as yet, and options may be very limited due to the need to have the cases printed in batches at some cost. If this option is made available there will also be a P&P charge to pay.