Background Information

About the business

Soft Rock Software is a small company operating on a sole trader basis. It was originally formed in mid-1989, primarily as a vehicle to sell budget software written by the proprietor, Vince M. Hudd, in his spare time.

Since then, the business and its operations have evolved, and it is able to offer services in a number of areas. With the proprietor's background encompassing both accounts and IT, Soft Rock Software is well placed to provide support and other services in those fields, and in particular where accounting and computing meet.

About the proprietor

Vince Hudd
Vince M. Hudd

Vince M. Hudd, aka VinceH, has been programming computers since the early-mid 1980s, after 'discovering' computers at secondary school, by selecting computer studies almost as a random choice in order to fill his timetable - and the idea of forming a software company soon followed, to be fulfilled in mid-1989, when Soft Rock Software came to be.

Like computers, his initial work in accounting also came about by accident, when on a YTS in 1985 he was 'placed' at a firm of accountants, and it wasn't long after the formation of Soft Rock Software that accounting support became one of services provided through the business.