AddTags for RISC OS

About AddTags

AddTags is a piece of software for RISC OS computers, designed to add random taglines to outgoing email and news (usenet) posts. The software takes a rule-based approach, so where and when taglines are added is fully controlled.

Tags are not limited to a single line - within AddTags they are still kept on one line, but if certain control sequences are found within a tag, line breaks will be inserted when the tag is added to the outgoing post.


AddTags should be compatible with all computer systems running RISC OS 3.1 and above.

Download AddTags

AddTags is a free download:

Download AddTags for RISC OS

Uploaded: 6th September, 2015
Size: 9 kbytes

Requirements & dependencies

AddTags requires the latest system resources.