FresCache for RISC OS

About FresCache

FresCache is a piece of software for RISC OS computers, designed to work alongside the Fresco web browser, originally supplied as part of the ANT Internet Suite, and later also bundled with the Voyager Internet Suite.

The software provides automated, selective deletion from Fresco's cache through the use of a 'rules' file, allowing you to delete all HTML files found on '' while retaining any PNG and GIF files from the same site, for example.

If you visit any sites on a regular basis, and those sites include graphical buttons for links, you will often find such buttons are PNG or GIF files. By retaining these types of files, and allowing others to be deleted, you can reduce your download time for those sites - something that was particularly useful when the software was originally written, and connection was via dial-up internet services.


FresCache should be compatible with all computer systems running RISC OS 3.x, 4.x or 6.x on an ARM CPU in 26-bit mode.

The software is incompatible with computers running RISC OS 5.x on an ARM CPU in 32-bit mode.

32-bit compatibility could be achieved with a simple recompile, but since Fresco is unlikely to be made compatible with 32-bit systems, there is no value in recompiling FresCache.

Download FresCache

AddTags is a free download:

Download FresCache for RISC OS

Uploaded: 6th September, 2015
Size: 6 kbytes

Requirements & dependencies

FresCache requires the latest system resources.