Seek'n'Link for RISC OS

About Seek'n'Link

Seek 'n' Link is an offline search tool, primarily for HTML files, but which can also be used to search other types of file. The results of the search are put in an HTML file, which is then launched in the browser on your system currently set up to handle these files.

The software is written using the same in-house library as WebChange for RISC OS and, as a result, shares the same wildcard search facilities that are available in that application.


Seek'n'Link is compatible with all computer systems running RISC OS 3.1 and above, though RISC OS 4 and above is recommended.

Download Seek'n'Link

Seek'n'Link is a free download:

Download Seek'n'Link for RISC OS

Uploaded: 6th September, 2015
Size: 140 kbytes

Requirements & dependencies

Seek'n'Link requires the latest system resources.