TimeToHex for RISC OS

About TimeToHex

TimeToHex is a small program which, when called from the command line or an Obey file, reads the real time clock and generates a ten digit hex string from the results. The program is called with a system variable as a single argument, and the generated hex string is stored in that variable.

This string, via the variable, can therefore be subsequently used, for example, as a file or directory name and in a location where all names are generated the same way, is sure to be unique.


TimeToHex should be compatible with all computer systems running RISC OS 3.1 and above.

Download TimeToHex

TimeToHex is a free download:

Download TimeToHex for RISC OS

Uploaded: 6th September, 2015
Size: 9 kbytes

Requirements & dependencies

TimeToHex requires the latest system resources.