WaitUntil for RISC OS

About WaitUntil

WaitUntil is a small program for RISC OS computers, designed to be called from any Obey or TaskObey file. The program will then halt execution of that file until a specified condition has been satisfied, while allowing the operating system to continue multi-tasking.

Possible conditions are whether a specified file or directory exists, whether a specified system variable is set, whether a specified application is running, whether a specified file is open or closed, or simply whether a certain amount of time has elapsed.


WaitUntil should be compatible with all computer systems running RISC OS 3.1 and above.

Download WaitUntil

WaitUntil is a free download:

Download WaitUntil for RISC OS

Uploaded: 4th December, 2020
Size: 13 kbytes

Requirements & dependencies

WaitUntil requires the latest system resources.