WebChange - the website maintainer's tool for Windows

About WebChange

WebChange is an offline website maintenance tool, designed to simplify a number of recurring and repetitive tasks, as well as provide a number of other useful facilities.

The software has been written with the type of webmaster in mind who, like the program's developer, prefers to hand-edit the HTML, rather than use a website design package.

Please note that the Windows version of WebChange is very old, and has not been further developed in the way that the RISC OS version has. As such, the Windows version is very basic, and its feature-set is sparse, making it very limited when compared to the RISC OS version.


The Windows version of WebChange was developed on Windows 98 and XP, and should be compatible with all versions running on an Intel x86 compatible processor, although it is untested on modern versions of the operating system, on which User Access Control (UAC) may cause it problems. The software is unlikely to be updated.

Availability & pricing

WebChange can currently be downloaded free of charge from the WebChange website - though that is likely to change as things are eventually reorganised.

Requirements & dependencies

Please refer to the notes found on the WebChange website.