Javascript ROT13 decoder

About the decoder

The Javascript ROT13 decoder is a simple tool written in Javascript to encode/decode text using a very simple technique called ROT13. It was written as the result of a chance remark on usenet group alt.babylon5 - and, ultimately, done only to prove a point.

There exist plenty of other tools to perform the same task, and some news clients even handle the job themselves - but in spite of that, for many years, this page was one of the most visited pages on this site. These days - possibly as a result of usenet itself seeing something of a decline - that is no longer the case. However, because of its history, the tool remains online (with some minor improvements!)


The decoder should work with most Javascript enabled browsers. If you block scripts by default, to make it work you only need to allow scripting on this page / site - no Javascript is loaded from external sources.

Encode or decode some ROT13 text!

Text for encoding/decoding: